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Activities and Events of Trang, Thailand

Trang offers you many activities to enjoy your holiday. Throughout the year, you can choose different kinds of activities according to different time. The following information is the guidance for activities that are suitable for the time of your visit as well as the figurative calendar of interesting festivals held in Trang province.

January: With its pleasant weather, the popular activity is watching birds and snorkeling. For bird watching lovers, you should go to Klong Lamchan Waterfowl Park which is the home of thousands of teals and other species of birds. The bird Sanctuary in Thale Song Hong is another good place for bird watching lovers. To enjoy snorkeling, most island and beaches of Trang offer you the magnificent coral reefs and beautifully breathtaking underwater world for example, Chao Mai Beach and Kradan Island.

February: This month is good for snorkeling and sunbathing on Kradan Island which is famed for its abundant and colorful corals as well as the formidable beaches.

March: With the summer breeze, surfing is good at this time of the year and on Kradan Island where big waves rattle the shore regularly is the paradise for surfboard players. On Sukorn Island, the Watermelon Festival is organized. You will have a chance to taste the sweet juicy watermelons which are abundant at this time of the year to relieve the heat.

April: With the considerably hot weather, you can participate the famous Songkarn Festival of Thailand, and Songkarn festival in Trang is considered very popular one like in Chiang Mai. Or you can escape from the heat into the water by going diving on any island within the area of Petra Island National Park as well as on Koh Ngai Island. The hottest diving spot in Trang is on Kradan Island which is considered as one of the best diving venue in the world.

May: The showering rain marks the beginning of the rain season. Beaches and island may be mediocre; however, you can go to other interesting places. To go appreciating the green and lush realm of Trang is a good idea during this wet season. The Center of Nature Study and Wildlife-Khao Chong is a good place for natural resources study. In the area, there is a complex of waterfalls and botanical gardens as well as the museum displaying about natural resources study and conservation. The other place is at Khao Ched Yod, the open zoological garden in Sikao district. Its new-discovered caves are very interesting.

June-July: This time is best for visiting waterfalls which are at their high-waters. There are several beautiful waterfalls such as Kra Chong, Tone Toke, Tone The, Sairung, Prisawan, and etc. Each waterfall provides its characteristic charm.

August: This is the time of Trang Traditional Cake Festival in Trang town. It is organized by the provincial Chamber to promote the famous traditional cake of Trang. On the festive day, hundreds of cake fabricators come to participate and sell the delicious cake at special price.

September: This is another period of the year when Trang town is very colorful. In September, it is the festival of Traditional Roasted Pork. The roasted pork is another famous food of Trang province. It is a must to taste once this specialty, or else, you never reach Trang. All shops which sell the roasted pork will gather at the festival, and there is the procession of roasted pork as well.

October: It is a turn of the most famous festival of Trang, the Chinese Vegetarian Festival which is organized at the same time of its counterpart in Phuket. It is held according to Chinese lunar month. During nine days of the fest, those who observe the festival will take only vegetarian meal and wear white clothes. Moreover, there are worship parades which gather thousand of disciplines, including some persons who claim to be a medium of the powerful gods and others who climb the bladed ladder or walk on fire.

November: Hoy Tapao Festival is held at this time of the year on Pak Meng Beach where hoy tapao, a kind of delicious oyster is abundant. This festival aims to encourage the environmental conservation and tourism of the province.

December: Start the beginning of the month with the countrywide celebration for the King's Birthday, the official ceremony is held at the Trang City Hall. This is another good time of the year for the bird watching lovers. With the cool and fresh weather, the migratory birds from its homeland, Siberia can be found at Juhoy Cape on Libong Island.

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