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Since Trang (like other provinces in the southern Thailand) used to be part of the great kingdom with its flourishing culture in ancient times, it inherits some of the glorious culture in the past, but as a unique variant. The dominant cultural heritage of Trang is represented in the form of performances which are composed of traditional music or dance.

Manora or Nora: It is an art form native to southern Thailand. The performance displays the graceful and beautiful dance postures together with the typical costumes. Accompanied by music, the performer have to dance and sing the lyrics ad-lib at the same time; he or she has to be thus a quick thinker to find words that rhyme and meaningful. We can say that this kind of performance requires a great deal of skills and talent.

Shadow Play: This is a popular and typical art of southern Thailand. Dried animal hide is neatly carved into drama figures like a hermit, a lord, a lead actor, a lead actress, a giant and a clown. The figures are held up behind the lighted screen to create shadows on it. The puppeteer will sing verses and narrate the whole story by himself. The performance is accompanied by the same music as Nora.

Likae Pa: It is also called "Likae Bok" or "Likae Ramana" This type of show is different from the usual Likae due to the different costumes of the performers. Likae Pa is popular among Thai Muslims. There are only 3 performers on the show.

Local products

Trang is famous for its several local products that are good for souvenirs. Muang district is famous for screw pine mats, bags and shoes made from ray skins, and wickerwork made of the local plant.

Ban Nong Pru is well-known for woodcarving.

Na Muensri village is reputed for its woven cloths that are made by the traditional method.

Local food in Trang is also considered very excellent.

Roast pork from Muang district is very famous

Lam Phu Ra Cakes and Khao Chong coffee are the top products from Huay Yod district.

The spicy Tha Kham shrimp paste and long-stemmed durian are the reputation of Palian district.

Fresh oyster can be found in Kantang district

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