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Attractions - Beaches & Islands

Trang reveals its treasure that has been long hidden to the tourist market with its remarkably beautiful beaches on the western coastline and a half dozen of  small islands with pure-white beaches and outstanding diving spots. Apart from that, the province also possesses the abundant green terrains where houses the famous waterfalls and limestone caves that become the natural wonders for visitors in Trang. When it comes to urban life, Trang city's vibrant rhythm can enliven your trip as much as natural appreciating.

As there are a wide variety of attractions in Trang, places to see are divided into Beaches & Islands, Mountain and jungle and City's sightseeing.

Beaches & Islands
Trang possesses 119 kilometers of stretching coastal border, providing a great deal of attractive beaches. Trang's beaches are renowned for its secluded atmosphere and scenic panorama; the sand is delicate and the clear water of the sea reflects the white clouds in the beautiful sky. On each beach, the forest is also fertile and the coral reef is good with hundred species of fish.

Apart from beaches, there are 46 islands springing up offshore by which each offers all tourists the exceptional experience of natural beauty in both water and in land. The range of corals is great in both shallow and deep water; the limestone cliffs and caves give all visitors a wondrous panoramic sight. Above  all, Trang's beaches and islands are the very good educational sea resource that two National Parks were established here: Hat Chao Mai National Park, responsible for the islands in the north and Petra Island National Park, charged of ones in the south. The following information will make you know about the major beaches and islands with their spectacular beauty.

List and descriptive details of Trang Beaches and Islands can be found at:

In addition, Trang's Attraction also covers the Nature and other tourist spot:

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