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Trang is the word derived from Malaysian language that means "dawn", also known as "Thap-Thiang" or "Town of the dawn" as an ancient name. Trang was once the vibrant port for foreign trading. Legend has it that ships from other countries always landed at Trang port at dawn, explaining then how Trang got its name. 

Initially, the center of the province is believed to locate at Baan Kaun Thani according to the evident record ascribed by one of the emissaries from the West sent to Trang in 1824. 

In the reign of King Rama V, he made a visit to the area and found that the city was considerably deteriorated. He thus had a vision of restoring and establishing Trang to be the trading city due to its proper location. Then he assigned Phraya Ratsadanupradit Maissara Phakdi, to govern the province. It was him who brought the rubber from Malaysia and planted it here before anywhere else in the southern Thailand. As that, the rubber becomes now the important commodity of Thailand. 

Under his governance, Phraya Pakdi had promoted Trang to be the center port of the trade route in the region. At that time, in this region, there are two major routes of transportation, i.e. land and sea route. Kantang, one of the six districts of Trang province, was served as the main port of the Penang-Phuket trade route. For that reason, Kantang was the capital of the province for several years.

Not until 1915 that King Rama VI viewed Kantang as an inappropriate site to be the capital of Trang Province. Apart from suffering from the annual flood, Kantang was prone to naval invasion. Associated with his vision in establishing the city on the other more proper location, the capital of Trang province was then moved to Thap-Thiang sub-district and became the capital of present- Trang province ever since.

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