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Trang Town

Apart from charmingly beautiful scenery like its white sandy beaches and the nearby lovely islands, in Trang town, there are many more interesting things to offer. Sightseeing in Trang Town is the worthwhile experience; the vibrant urban lifestyle and its unique character of town will absolutely complete your visit in Trang Province.

As Trang was once the vivacious port of the region's trade route, trading came along with the urbanization. The first settlement in Tang town is Chinese merchants, and they are the majority in Tang town today. They have converted themselves completely into local Thai people, allowing the culture in Trang town original. While walking in Trang town, what you can notice is the mixture of Chinese flavor and local culture represented as the architectural heritage. The Sino-Portuguese shop houses are the dominant feature of town. All of these historic shop houses in Muang district are still used as shops except the other three buildings which are served as a Chinese association founded by the first Chinese pioneers to Trang.

Along with the Sino-Portuguese style of building, the local architecture is also featured around Trang town: Pan-Ya House. This kind of residential building is the characteristic style of house in Trang and other provinces in the southern Thailand. The house consists of two sections: the front and rear. The front normally has two floors. The first floor is again divided into two parts, the exterior part and the interior part is sectioned by a big wooden door. Behind the main door is the only vast room with high ceiling served as the living room of a family. The second floor is the space of bedrooms. This section adjoins the kitchen that is in the rear. When walk around town, you can often see these two kinds of architectural heritage that is worth noticing.

There are many attractions in Trang town, some of them possess the historical importance and others are the man-made heritage. You can appreciate another aspect of Trang life which offers you the unforgettable experience.

Trang's cleanest markets: The best place to touch the colors of local people life is the market. Here, the vibrant and dynamic sight is very impressive; a wide variety of local food, fruits, sea food, and vegetables are placed on the stands while a crowd of buyers and vendors are negotiating or greeting with each other. 

The main two markets in Trang are Ta Klang and Municipal markets. People do not have to worry about the dirty water which may be found in the other provinces. Trang has been awarded as the cleanest town in Thailand for many years consecutively, and its markets are considered to be the cleanest fresh market in Thailand as well. 

If you stay in town and wake up early in the morning, it is a good experience to see Trang people's daily activity. You can have tea or coffee which is served with Chinese fried doughnuts in the Chinese-styled coffee shops and see the early risers, especially old men having coffee while discussing their topics. It is really the impressive sight of local color.

Monument of Phraya Rasdanupradit Mahissara Phakdi: Located 1 kilometer out of town on the road to Pattalung, this is the monument of an important ruler of Trang who first initiated the idea of growing rubber plants in Trang. Nowadays, rubber is widely planted in southern Thailand and became an important commodity of the country. In the evening, this is a place for meeting and relaxing of Trang residents.

Krapang Surin Park: It is a broad natural pond, surrounded by the beautifully decorated garden. The concrete bridge links three pavilions in the middle of the pond to the bank. Around the park is packed with restaurants under the trees' shade, making it a good place for relaxation.

Phraya Rasdanupradit Mahissara Phakdi Musuem: The museum situates about 200 meters from the Kantang Munipality, Kantang district. It is the important historical site because it is the old house of Phraya Rasdanupradit, the Trang's governor in the past. The house is a two-storeyed wooden building. Inside, there are a waxed figure of the governor and a complete collection of his daily personal items. Today, the Na Ranong, the notable family looks after this house. It is open to the public everyday except Monday.

Khuan Tamnak Chan Public Park: The Park is about 24 kilometers from Trang town, sprawling on the area of 250 acres. It offers the intriguing atmosphere with its beautiful gardens and shades for relaxation. On a hill, there is a rest pavilion from which you can get the scenically superb view of the sea and Kantang district.

The first rubber tree in Thailand: The first rubber tree in Thailand is on the road that leads to Kantang district. This tree represents the first group of rubber trees that Phraya Ratsadanupradit planted to pioneer the rubber plantation industry in 1899.

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