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Anantara Si Kao Resort & Spa
CoCo Cottage Koh Ngai
Koh Hai Fantasy Resort
Koh Mook Charlie Beach Resort
Koh Mook Sivalai Beach Resort
Koh Ngai Resort
Mayalay Resort
Sukorn Cabana Resort
Thapwarin Resort
The Chateau Hill Resort

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Thumrin Thana Hotel
Trang Plaza Hotel
Wattana Park Hotel

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Trang Travel Guide

Trang is undoubtedly a fascinating tourist destination in Thailand with unspoiled beaches and islands. Travelers can enjoy the clean crystalline sea-water, beautiful beaches and attractive scenic islands. In addition, Trang Town itself has many attractions awaiting for your visits. There are also jungles, mountains and waterfalls that one can tour around. At, you can find our in-house knowledge base of Trang at the following introductory articles:

History of Trang

Trang is the word derived from Malaysian language that means "dawn", also known as "Thap-Thiang" or "Town of the dawn" as an ancient name. Trang was once the vibrant port for foreign trading. Legend has it that ships from other countries always landed at Trang port at dawn, explaining then how Trang got its name... For more information: History of Trang

Geography of Trang, Thailand

Trang lies along the western coastline bordering the Indian Ocean for about 119 kilometers, consisting of an archipelago in the Andaman Sea with over 46 islands. The topography varies from the plateau region at the foot of Bantad Mounatain Range and dipping the elevation down to the flat plain at the edge of the Andaman Sea. The terrains are characterized by hillocks scattering around the region. The province is nourished by two main rivers; one is Trang River, having the provenance from the Luang Mountain Range, and the other is Palian River, coming from the Bantad Mountain Range...For more information: Geography of Trang

Climate of Trang, Thailand

Tourists can come to Trang all year round, but the best period is between December and May. Lying on the same coastline of Phuket and Krabi, Trang is also influenced by the monsoon. The temperature is generally warm all year round; the average temperature varies from 20 -36 degree Celsius...For more information: Climate of Trang, Thailand

Attraction in Trang and Surrounding Islands

Trang reveals its treasure that has been long hidden to the tourist market with its remarkably beautiful beaches on the western coastline and a half dozen of small islands with pure-white beaches and outstanding diving spots. Apart from that, the province also possesses the abundant green terrains where houses the famous waterfalls and limestone caves that become the natural wonders for visitors in Trang. When it comes to urban life, Trang city's vibrant rhythm can enliven your trip as much as natural appreciating.

List and descriptive details of Trang Beaches and Islands can be found at:

Activities and Events in Trang

Trang offers you many activities to enjoy your holiday. Throughout the year, you can choose different kinds of activities according to different time. The following information is the guidance for activities that are suitable for the time of your visit as well as the figurative calendar of interesting festivals held in Trang province...For more information: Activities & Events in Trang

Arts & Local Products in Trang

Since Trang (like other provinces in the southern Thailand) used to be part of the great kingdom with its flourishing culture in ancient times, it inherits some of the glorious culture in the past, but as a unique variant. The dominant cultural heritage of Trang is represented in the form of performances which are composed of traditional music or dance...For more information: Arts & Local Products

How to Get to Trang

There are several means of transports to Trang. You can travel there by Train, Flights, Local Public Buses, or Private Car...For more information: How to get to Trang

Traveling Around Trang

This article describes different mode of transportation in and around Trang in Town, to the Islands and to the waterfalls... For more information: Traveling Around Trang

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